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Lee Group Search is pleased to announce it has named Doug Hockaday an Executive Search Consultant. Hockaday will specialize in partnering with companies nationwide to recruit the talent necessary to grow and scale their business operations. His home base will be in southeastern Virginia, where Lee Group Search is based.

“Being an Executive Search Consultant means I help people find the right place to be,” said Hockaday, a Yorktown, Virginia native. “I want to get beyond the resume and find out who they are. Really, just having a natural conversation with somebody is the best way to tell if they are going to be the right fit.”

Hockaday will recruit professionals for leadership positions at the corporate, regional and operations level. He will collaborate with multiple industries, including those in engineering, plastics, chemical, consumer products, food and beverage, automotive and aerospace.

Eric Kean, Principal with The Lee Group, regards Hockaday as an excellent ambassador for the company’s core values, which include: “We get it. Our business and our customers.” And “We get it right.”

“Doug gets it, and he gets it right,” Kean said. “That was evident early on. He aligns very well with our culture.”

Hockaday views Lee Group Search as more than the typical recruiting firm. He is eager to contribute to a purpose-driven team of staffing professionals who embrace the innovative process of interviewing in order to place top candidates with valued clients.
His goal is to create a sustainable win-win for both candidate and company.

“When you get a placement right, it brings real and meaningful impact to people,” Hockaday said. “A great job with the right environment for a candidate-turned-employee means fulfillment for them. It’s life changing. The right fit for a company brings fulfillment that creates a business environment set up for success and growth.”

Learn more about Lee Group Search at leegroupsearch.com.

Stephanie Heinatz
Consociate Media for Lee Group Search

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