An attractive businesswoman sitting indoors in office, stretching.

Do you crush it at work? You’re not just a rock star, you’re the leader of the band? Employers yearn to hire you because you’re not just good at what you do. You overachieve in every single aspect of your work performance.

Is that how you think you are or is that really you?

Play along with our quiz to find out just how in-demand you really are. Be honest. The boss doesn’t see your answers. Only you do.

1. Your work history

  • a. I am working, have been with the same company for three years or more and have received a promotion.
  • b. I am working and have been with the same company for three years or more.
  • c. I am working and have been employed for at least two years.
  • d. I’m not working currently.

2. Your style

  • a. You take initiative at work and can point to at least one of your suggestions that your company has implemented.
  • b. You speak up in meetings on occasion and participate when asked.
  • c. You’re not late for meetings, but you can’t wait until they’re over and never participate.
  • d. You attend meetings to catch up on your Twitter feed.

3. Your productivity

  • a. You complete all your work on time and on more than one occasion, have started a side project or gone outside the scope of your work duties to contribute.
  • b. You complete all your work on time.
  • c. You struggle with deadlines but sometimes communicate with your supervisor about where you are on a project.
  • d. You fall behind on the job.

4. Your attitude

  • a. You’re on time every day, don’t mind staying as late as necessary, and you truly enjoy what you do.
  • b. You’re more of a 9-5 type, but you don’t cut corners.
  • c. You’re not overly enthused about your daily tasks and rush through what tasks.
  • d. You hate to get there and can’t wait to leave nor do you hide either fact.

5. Your flexibility

  • a. In a crunch, you’re asked to work late and finish up a project to meet a deadline. You don’t hesitate to say yes.
  • b. You hedge and say you will do it but note you can’t stay past 6.
  • c. You ask if anyone else is available to help as you hate to miss Thursday Night Football.
  • d. You say, “Sorry, Man,” and head for the exit.

6. Your education

  • a. You have advanced education and have taken advantage of any extra training opportunities presented to you.
  • b. You have tried to learn on the job as much as possible.
  • c. You go to in-house training because you have to but have nothing to add.
  • d. You do your best to avoid any chance to better yourself.

Now do the math. Give yourself 4 points for every time you answered a, 3 points for b, 2 points for c and 1 for d.

21-24 points: You rock! And we’d like to meet you at Lee Group Search. Click here to contact us.

17-20 points:  You’re singing backup front and center, and if you’re looking to advance your career, we can help. Contact us.

10-16: You’re the warmup act. And that’s OK. Call us. We’d love to see if there’s a better fit for you somewhere.

9 and under: You’re not even on stage.

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