Embracing the technology of today, but working on the core principles of which we were founded.

When our firm was founded in 1971, modern day tools like text messaging, emails, and LinkedIn were the stuff of science fiction. We had one way to go about recruiting – building genuine relationships.

Today, at Lee Group Search, we’ve blended the old with the new.

Yes, we make full use of today’s cutting-edge tech and tools, weaving connections between people and companies, and matching candidates with the right positions. But at the core, our approach hasn’t changed one bit.

Our process, even with the tech upgrades, is firmly grounded in those enduring values that got us started. We don’t just network – we build relationships. We don’t just match skills – we align personalities, aspirations, and cultures. Because when all’s said and done, it’s these relationships that stand the test of time and technology.

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Initial Client Consultation

(that’s us and you)

Candidate Identification

(that’s us working for you behind the scenes)

Candidate Qualification

(still us)

Candidate Submission

(that’s us presenting qualified candidates to you to consider)

Clipboard icon

(we coordinate, you interview, we prep them…and you)

Briefcase icon
Candidate Hire

(you hire, we help guide the whole process)

Icon of chat bubbles
Continued Connection

(we stick around…because we’ve promised to get it right)

“It’s more than filling a job position.
It’s about building relationships.