Wes Ashworth of Lee Group Search

Lee Group Search is seeking top performing retail, hospitality, and sales talent to transition to one of the best jobs in the world in recruitment.

Tired of standing on your feet all day to make a sale?

Burnt out from working long hours with an inconsistent schedule?

Eager to spend the weekends and evenings enjoying your free time?

Seeking unlimited earning potential in a professional office setting?

At Lee Group Search, we’re hiring an Executive Search Consultant, essentially a recruiter or headhunter who will partner with companies nationwide to recruit and place top candidates in high value positions.

Often our top recruiters have spent years succeeding as retail sales associates or sales consultants, hospitality professionals, retail or restaurant managers, customer service specialists or commissioned sales professionals or representatives. At Lee Group Search, you will have the opportunity to transition those skills to a professional setting working Monday-Friday for one of the leading providers of recruitment services in the nation.

We’re seeking a hungry, energetic and determined self-starter who is resilient and motivated to exceed expectations every day. Your passion is not just results but superior results.

You’re a winner and you prioritize winning for your company. The best part? You will define your earning potential. You will have unlimited opportunity to directly affect your income by your effort and results. The potential for career advancement, professional development and compensation is uncapped.

You will be the driver of your success.

Sound cool? If so, you’re an ideal candidate to join Lee Group Search, where you will play a critical role in driving a successful search from open to close. We deeply invest in all our clients and the candidates that they hire. One of our core values is not just “getting it,” but getting it right.

Primary objectives of this position include the following:

  • Prospecting and sourcing for new business while maintaining the excellent customer relationships we have built with current clients
  • Attaining the billings expectations as directed by Lee Group Search
  • Bringing a thoughtful approach to problem-solving, management, team building, presentation, client service and leaderships skills

Other job duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Mastery of the search process with the ability to guide and direct research team members in the development and implementation of the search model.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and execution of the search process, including candidate recruitment, client interaction, offer negotiation and candidate validation (reference checks etc.
  • Assess candidates for various opportunities with an emphasis on creating long-term and loyal relationships.
  • Work closely with clients to understand their search needs, manage the search process from start to finish, take detailed job orders and effectively market candidates.
  • Staying abreast of new business development opportunities, market trends and the design and implementation of new services and pricing methodologies.
  • Support team effort by assisting other recruiters and/or researchers when necessary
  • Submit reports on time as requested.
  • Maintain files and submit as required all necessary records and/or reports.
  • Participate in company meetings and/or related organizations as necessary.
  • Develop own leads, communicate and follow-up on all leads received within a 24-hour timeframe.
  • Maintain accurate documentation on all related materials.
  • Present a positive attitude and professional image at all time.

Interested in applying? Send your resume to eric@leegroupsearch.com.

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