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The food and beverage industry is hungry to hire leaders in production, processing and packaging to meet the growing demand and evolving consumer trends that prioritize  increased supply chain transparency.

We’re experience-driven at Lee Group Search with placing top talent in behind-the-scenes roles in the food and beverage industry. Like our clients, our business depends on quality and delivering exceptional results in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that organizations have the leadership they need to navigate through the competitive and ever-changing landscape of the food and beverage sector. Our extensive recruitment network within the industry is hand selected and thoroughly vetted following our comprehensive executive search strategy that ensures you’re getting what you need to retain your competitive advantage.

The demand for forward-thinking professionals prepared to find sustainable, innovative solutions in food packaging and processing has never been greater. We get that at Lee Group Search and we get it right. Your business depends on that and so does ours. Collaborate with us so together we can improve your quality, efficiency and bottom line to keep your business thriving.

Contact us today to discuss your executive search or leadership development needs so we can get started recruiting the best candidates to move your business forward.

Food Processing Company

A sampling of jobs we recruit for in this field include:

  • Plant Manager
  • Director of Manufacturing, Vice President of Manufacturing
  • Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, Vice President of Engineering
  • Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Design Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Project Engineer, Quality Engineer, Plant Engineer, Process Engineer, Packaging Engineer
  • Production Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Continuous Improvement Manager, Director of Continuous Improvement, Vice President of Continuous Improvement
  • Logistics Manager, Director of Logistics, Vice President of Logistics
  • Supply Chain Manager, Director of Supply Chain, Vice President of Supply Chain
  • Warehouse Manager, Transportation Manager
  • Maintenance Manager, Director of Maintenance, Vice President of Maintenance
  • Reliability Manager, Director of Reliability, Vice President of Reliability 
  • Quality Manager, Director of Quality, Vice President of Quality
  • Technical Sales, Outside Sales, Account Manager, Sales Manager, Director of Sales, Vice President of Sales, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing, Vice President of Marketing, E-Commerce Manager, E-Commerce Director, Product Manager
  • Controller, Accountant, Accounting Manager, FP&A Manager, Director of Accounting, Vice President of Accounting and Finance, Finance Manager

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