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Aligning talent to grow businesses and change lives doesn’t just happen. It’s a process. A Lee Group Search process.

STEP 1: Initial Client Consultation

It’s a little bit like a first date. You’ve heard about us. We’ve heard about you. Maybe we’ve both even done a little research online to see what each other is all about. But now we need to talk. Maybe it’s over the phone. Maybe it’s a video conference. Maybe it’s in real life. Either way, a voice-to-voice conversation and consultation is step number one. It’s here and during this time we learn about you, your organization and the importance of the position(s) you need to fill. It’s now that we ask as much about the job specifics as we do about the culture of your organization. And it’s during this time that we outline our full process. We’re partnering on this recruitment journey every step of the way.

STEP 2: Candidate Identification

Leave no stone unturned. While that might be a cliché for some, it’s true for us. When it comes time to source the right candidates for a position, we certainly do what other recruiting firms do – we tap into a network we know. But we also go out and find people. We look under every rock, open every door. Sometimes it’s digital sourcing. Sometimes it’s phone calls. Sometimes it’s tapping people on the shoulder and having a conversation about a new position they may have never known they even wanted. And sometimes it’s thinking and looking in the very places others might not think of.

STEP 3: Candidate Qualification

With a batch of potential candidates – those who are qualified for your position on paper – we start the qualification process. People can be qualified on paper, but they might not be qualified for you. It’s during this qualification period that we dig deeper and look beyond the skillsets people have and into what their motivation to work might be. Do their salary requirements and goals for job growth fit with the needs of your organization? Will they fit in with the culture of your organization? These things matter just as much as experience and education.

STEP 4: Candidate Submission

Having narrowed down hundreds of candidates to a select few, during the candidate submission stage we will present you with a detailed summary of potential candidates for your opening.

STEP 5: Interviews

See someone you like in the candidate summary? Now it’s time to interview. We’ll coordinate the interviews, facilitate post-interview discussions with the candidates and the organization, and remain in constant communication through it all. Think of us like a mediator.

STEP 6: Candidate Hire

Once you make your pick, we help make the hiring process as seamless and easy as possible. What does that mean? It’s a lot of things…like understanding what the candidate needs and what the company wants and finding a way to meet in a sweet spot. It’s discussing the company’s offer in detail with the candidate and ensuring they know the full package of what they will receive. It’s counseling the candidate on how to navigate the career change they’re embarking on…and helping them through the transition. And perhaps most importantly, it’s ensuring all players in the game stay engaged, excited and ready to execute on a new relationship.

STEP 7: Continued Connection

We’re committed to getting it right. And that’s why once the start day comes and goes we’re still here.

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