Manufacturing is your business.

It’s also ours at Lee Group Search and has been from day one.

When we established our company in 1971, our bread and butter was manufacturing and distribution. Over 50 years later, our expertise stems from time we’ve invested fostering relationships with the top talent in this versatile industry so we can build the best workforce for our clients.

Our Executive Search team handpicks candidates and thoroughly vets them to not just make a match but the best match. We understand how critical it is to have strong leadership and a powerful pipeline in manufacturing and distribution so your business can avoid operational delays that reduce company efficiency. Smart growth calls for smart leaders who embrace technology, automation and the latest digital trends. Your business depends on doing it right, and so does ours.

Manufacturers surveyed for a recent study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute admit that finding the right talent is 38% more challenging than it was in 2018. Have vacancies? Partner with us and your manufacturing or distribution vacancy will be filled by a high performing individual who will be a great asset to your business.

A sampling of jobs we recruit for in this field include:

  • Plant Manager
  • Director of Manufacturing, Vice President of Manufacturing
  • Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, Vice President of Engineering
  • Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Design Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Project Engineer, Quality Engineer, Plant Engineer, Process Engineer, Packaging Engineer
  • Production Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Continuous Improvement Manager, Director of Continuous Improvement, Vice President of Continuous Improvement
  • Logistics Manager, Director of Logistics, Vice President of Logistics
  • Supply Chain Manager, Director of Supply Chain, Vice President of Supply Chain
  • Warehouse Manager, Transportation Manager
  • Maintenance Manager, Director of Maintenance, Vice President of Maintenance
  • Reliability Manager, Director of Reliability, Vice President of Reliability 
  • Quality Manager, Director of Quality, Vice President of Quality
  • Technical Sales, Outside Sales, Account Manager, Sales Manager, Director of Sales, Vice President of Sales, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing, Vice President of Marketing, E-Commerce Manager, E-Commerce Director, Product Manager
  • Controller, Accountant, Accounting Manager, FP&A Manager, Director of Accounting, Vice President of Accounting and Finance, Finance Manager

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“It’s more than filling a job position.
It’s about building relationships.