Thanks to our aging population, the senior living industry is not only booming now. It’s growing at an annualized rate of 19% and anticipated to be a $13 billion industry by 2030.

Retirement communities are welcoming the largest generation in history of baby boomers, whose preferences are unlike the generations before them. This growing , tech-savvy demographic is determined to stay active longer than ever before and seeking activities and amenities to accommodate that trend. They want to live independently for as long as possible and crave fulfilling social interaction along with medication management and assistance with housekeeping.

At Lee Group Search, we understand the value you place on recruiting trusted, people-first employees and leadership to care for and serve your residents. We have families, too, and our commitment to them is the same as ours to you. We want only the top senior living candidates on your leadership team. They must align with the job at hand and the culture in your organization along with having the necessary qualifications and background.

You don’t just depend on us to get it. You depend on us to get it right. That person moving into a retirement community, nursing home or memory care unit might be your mom or dad. Or it might be ours.

Contact us today to discuss your executive search or leadership development needs so we can get started recruiting the best candidates to move your business forward.

A sampling of leadership jobs we recruit for in senior living include:

  • Executive Director
  • Director of Residential Services
  • Outpatient Services Director
  • Senior Living Community Manager
  • Wellness Director
  • Assisted Living Director
  • Executive Chef
  • Memory Care Activity Specialist
  • Financial Analysis
  • Operations and Operations Leadership
  • Marketing Leadership
  • Sales Leadership

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