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In a world full of distractions, it’s not always easy to be 100% in the game while at work.

But, there are things you can do to help stay on task and become a highly-productive team member.

Eric Kean, Principal at The Lee Group and Lee Group Search, has years of experience working in sales and management and knows what it takes to stay focused.

Here, he shares what he considers the top habits of highly productive people.


“It’s a big thing,” said Kean. “I’m sure you’ve heard the quote: ‘If you fail to plan; plan to fail’ – it’s really true!”

Doing things in the moment just isn’t as efficient. Coming into the office each day with a plan of what you’re going to accomplish is key.

Experts suggest writing out a checklist of what you want to get done during the workday and warn against multi-tasking.

“Focus on one task, do it well, do it right, complete it, then move on to the next,” said Kean. “You’ll find you are getting things done quicker and with more accuracy that trying to ‘plate spin’ a handful of items.”

Wake Up Early

This comes easier to some people then others, but there’s a lot of data out there that suggests early risers are more productive.

Waking up early doesn’t mean starting your work day earlier, it means you create time in the beginning of the day for yourself – before the distractions start.

Try exercising, meditating, and/or eating a leisurely breakfast before you head off to work.

This practice of investing in yourself will pay off in the long term.

Manage Energy

While waking up early can help you be more productive, it’s also important to get enough sleep, so you have plenty of energy during the day.

Energy management is more important than time management.

The best way to stay on top of your energy levels is to figure out routines and habits for sleep, food and exercise.

Adequate sleep, right food and exercise are the best kept secrets of the high achievers!

Saying No

There is a saying out there, not all business is good business.

“Saying no can be hard, but it is a habit that can allow you to be way more productive than saying yes to most everything,” said Kean.

These distractions can eat away your day and not allow the proper time needed to truly focus on the good business, the highest and best uses of your time, your family, etc.


Just like planning, creating goals for yourself at work is important and can keep you motivated.

“Goals help hold you accountable,” said Kean.

Make daily goals, weekly goals, quarterly goals and write them down or share them with a co-worker – they should be attainable and realistic.

Make Time for Yourself

“This is a self-explanatory, but so important,” said Kean.

In a world where everyone is always fighting to get ahead it might seem counter-intuitive to go on vacation, but more and more companies are adopting policies that make time away from the office mandatory. Taking some time to clear your head and relax can do wonders for your productivity when you return

Take Breaks

Working from sunrise to sunset does not a productive person make.
Regular breaks for things like food, water, and movement actually make people more effective and efficient.

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