Join Wes Ashworth, Executive Vice President of Lee Group Search and the host of the new Green Giants: Titans of Renewable Energy Podcast. Listen to Wes chat with industry leaders, experts and change makers in the renewable energy field. Wes explores their inspiration, career paths, challenges and more in a casual, engaging format.

The only thing growing faster than the demand for renewable energy and cleantech is the demand for hiring the workforce that will power this generation and the next. The renewable energy field is among the specialties for Lee Group Search, a hiring partner connected to the top talent in the field that can fill any number of positions, from energy analyst to electrical engineer, specialists in e-mobility or electrification and executive manager in solar or wind.

As a member of The Pinnacle Society, Wes is part of the nation’s premier collective of the Top 80 Industry-Leading Recruiters in North America. A podcast buff himself, he’s thrilled to have his own, having developed a passion for amplifying the journeys and sharing the trials and triumphs of the innovators in renewable energy. He welcomes comments and guest ideas and hopes if the conversation moves you, you’ll share it with your colleagues.

Feel free to contact Wes about his podcast or if you have a hiring need in renewable energies. Email

In the meantime, follow the Green Giants: Titans of Renewable Energy Podcast on all of Lee Group Search’s social channels for more enlightening discussions and updates on upcoming episodes!

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