Help Wanted — Always

Why top companies embrace continuous improvement.

You wouldn’t wait until the house is on fire to buy a fire extinguisher. So why take chances with your business? Companies that embrace continuous improvement follow a growth mindset that means they don’t wait for an opening to recruit the top talent. They are always on the prowl for the best and brightest who can elevate their company to the next level.

“The best companies that have the best success at landing high caliber talent are always looking and open to interviewing candidates,” said Wes Ashworth, Vice President of Executive Search at Lee Group Search.

A Proactive Mindset

If you wait to recruit until the rock star in your company sails into your office giving two weeks’ notice, you’re likely going to feel rushed or depending on the industry, desperate to fill that role.

That puts your other employees on edge while their workload increases and can lower morale.

“The worst time to look for someone is when you desperately need it,” Ashworth said. “You never want to settle.”

Companies that continuously recruit aren’t caught in a lurch when an employee leaves. They don’t just have a stack of resumes on their desk. They’ve already networked with the best candidates so they’re not starting from scratch. They’ve developed relationships and nurtured them.

By keeping communication lines open, the candidates already identified as being potential hires have a sense of the company’s brand. They understand that communication is a priority — always a plus when a candidate is weighing an offer. That can mean occasionally meeting for coffee or lunch, connecting via online networks and even picking up the phone for an informal chat.

Top employers often rely on a staffing firm as an additional source to help them recruit the best talent.

Sometimes a candidate is so impressive offering strengths an employer is without. It’s not unusual for proactive companies to create an opening even if one doesn’t exist in those cases.

“If the person is right and they have the skills to push the organization forward, companies are known to create a new positions for that person,” Ashworth said. “They don’t just rely on this black and white box for the exact position they are going to fill. They see all the ways that candidate would add value to the company.”

The Bottom Line

The best companies understand that it’s key to surround yourself with smart people who don’t need to be micromanaged. These are employees who have the vision and the initiative needed to elevate a company. The best companies don’t feel threatened by a candidate who brings strengths they are without. They learn from that candidate and provide the resources so that the employee, and therefore the company, thrive.

By practicing continuous recruitment, employers are always open to candidates who excel in areas they do not. This helps them stay in touch with the job market so they can maintain their competitive edge as a leader in their respective industry.

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