Wes Ashworth, Vice President of Executive Search at Lee Group Search, specializes in partnering with renewable energy companies across the United States to find top talent.

Wes Ashworth, Vice President of Executive Search at Lee Group Search, has established himself as a highly skilled professional in the realm of recruitment. With expertise in the renewable energy, packaging, and consumer goods industries, Wes Ashworth brings a unique understanding of each sector’s needs and challenges, enabling him to successfully contribute to the growth of the companies he partners with and match candidates with their ideal positions.

As a member of The Pinnacle Society, the elite group of the top 80 industry-leading recruiters in North America, Wes’ success stems from his unwavering belief in doing the right thing, caring about people, and cultivating close relationships with both companies and candidates. He understands that finding the perfect fit requires going beyond traditional interviews and resumes. It’s about deeply understanding a business’s needs, their culture, and the candidate’s aspirations.

Wes takes pride in his ability to secure long-term success for both parties by ensuring a meticulously evaluated fit. This laser focus on compatibility has led to numerous success stories, including one where Wes filled a position in just a few weeks that other agencies had been unable to fill for over six months. Today, that company remains one of his most loyal clients.

Outside of work, Wes enjoys spending quality time with his family and making the most of life by the water – whether kayaking, fishing, or relaxing at the beach. He is a passionate advocate for transparency and truth in business, guiding clients like a coach and therapist while always keeping their best interests at heart.

Wes’ commitment to understanding the unique needs of clients and candidates has earned him glowing testimonials. Clients describe him as authentic, relatable, and focused on putting people first. His ability to make others feel at ease and provide direct, honest, and concise answers has led to lasting professional relationships that extend beyond the initial placement.

In his role as Vice President, Executive Search at Lee Group Search, Wes serves as a full-desk recruiter, relentlessly hunting passive talent to find the ideal fit for renewable energy, packaging, and consumer goods companies across the nation. As a testament to his dedication, clients have described him as the best recruiting and talent connection they’ve ever encountered. They appreciate his genuine care for their needs and his commitment to finding the perfect company match. 

Wes’ unwavering dedication to both candidates and clients is epitomized by his personal mantra: “People don’t care how much you know; until they know how much you care.” With this guiding principle in mind, Wes Ashworth continues to change lives and grow businesses through his exceptional recruiting expertise.

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“It’s more than filling a job position.
It’s about building relationships.