As Vice President of Executive Search at Lee Group Search, Wes Ashworth specializes in partnering with companies to find the talent they need to grow and scale their business operations.

Wes leads executive recruitment and placement for companies both across the United States and throughout southeastern and central Virginia. He joined the company in 2014 as an Executive Search Consultant and was promoted to his current position in April 2020.

While his specialty nationwide is working in the plastics and packaging industry, Wes has experience that spans varied industries, having worked closest with clients and candidates in manufacturing, logistics and distribution.

A member of The Pinnacle Society, the elite consortium of the top 80 industry-leading recruiters in North America, Wes continues to find success through his strong belief in doing the right thing, caring about people and fostering close relationships with both the company and the candidate.

His proven process to align talent to grow businesses starts with taking the time to deeply understand what a business needs, the culture they’ve created for their team members and what type of candidate will help them grow. It stretches into getting that same level of understanding from the candidate. This work goes beyond a traditional meet and greet or interview. It’s more than a job description and more than a resume.

For Wes, getting the perfect fit is the name of the game. Finding the candidate that fits the company and the company that fits the candidate are both critical. Only with a carefully evaluated fit will a candidate be positioned for success and find fulfillment from their job. In turn, companies benefit from an engaged employee who is a top performer over the long term.

Wes’ laser focus on fit and long-term success has served him well. Recalling a client who turned to Lee Group Search with a job opening that several other agencies could not fill after more than six months of searching for candidates, Wes took the time to learn about the company and get up to speed on the nuances of the specific job requirements and culture of the organization. Within a few weeks, he was able to fill the position with the right candidate who went on to be successful with the company. Today, Wes counts the company as one of his most loyal clients.

When he’s not matching candidates with positions, Wes enjoys spending quality time with his family and being around the water – piloting his kayak, catching a fish, or simply relaxing at the beach.

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What Wes’ clients say.

Slide "Wes really listens and takes the time to understand the true needs of the customer. He doesn’t just take a job description and run with it. Instead he insists on digging deeper to fully understand what’s needed. Other recruiters I’ve worked with don’t take that time." Slide "Wes doesn’t resist putting in the effort – the harder I make the search, the more successful he seems to be. He finds the unicorn." Slide "Wes takes the time to go beyond the role and truly understand the fit for the organization." Slide "I don’t have time to go through hundreds of resumes and frankly I’m not good at the prescreening process. I value Wes’ expertise and recognize it’s not my trade. He delivers the select few that are the best fit." Slide "...the oddest recruiter conversation I had ever had and completely unlike any others – I actually wrote down that it was 24 minutes into the conversation and Wes had yet to mention the company. He took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for. I really felt like he cared the whole way through." Slide "Wes is, without a doubt, one of the best executive search consultants I’ve ever worked with. He has exceptional people, communication, and listening skills which makes him both a very good representation of your organization to prospective candidates, and a pleasure to work with." Slide "His approach is proactive and resourceful, and so he preemptively brings solutions and answers forward which, as a very busy HR professional, makes everything a lot easier for me." Slide "I’ve worked with Wes on roles of different natures and found good breadth and transferability in his industry knowledge. If you require an executive search firm, I highly recommend having a discussion with Wes."

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“It’s more than filling a job position.
It’s about building relationships.