Family means everything to Jennifer Moore.

The Executive Search Consultant at Lee Group Search dotes on her little ones, Kamryn and Jaxon. She considers her stepchildren, Payton and Walker, her own. Peek out of her son’s bedroom window and you’ll see her parents’ home, close enough to drop in for a few or hang around for dinner, especially if Jennifer is making fresh pasta again.

When looking to make a career move, Jennifer wanted to work for a company that was family first. Lee Group Search has proven to be an ideal fit.

“Having kids changed my perspective on everything,” says Jennifer, whose prior professional experiences was a mix of retail, sales and IT. “One of the biggest motivating factors for me to come here was the people. They’re just so down to earth. It feels like family. They genuinely care about you. They care about your loved ones and your goals. It’s a culture that makes you want to do well for the people you work with. You want to support them in every way because they support you.”

Jennifer’s expertise lies in connecting technology and software organizations with top-tier talent to fulfill pivotal roles across HR, business development, and marketing domains.

She is the daughter of an Army veteran, which meant growing up with addresses all over the world, Germany and South Korea included. She knows Virginia best when her family moved here in her latter middle school years.

Jennifer originally thought she’d go into childcare or be a teacher given her affinity for the neighborhood kids. She weighed joining the military, but deployment in the Middle East was unappealing. She decided to take an initial job as a seasonal sales associate for Victoria’s Secret. That was in 2006, and from there, she climbed the ladder, gaining responsibility in managerial positions.

“I liked those roles because I felt like I could foster and influence the team that I had,” she says. “I love teaching and being a part of something bigger. I love to help people. I pride myself in surrounding myself with really good people.”

The nights, weekends and holidays of retail wore on her when she became a mother. She transitioned to remote business-to-business sales and successfully collaborated with CEOs, CIOs, vice presidents and regional and district managers. When a company realignment eliminated her position, she thought back to a conversation she had with Wes Ashworth, Vice President of Executive Search at Lee Group Search.

The company isn’t just another headhunter in a sea of many. In connecting clients and candidates, it provides consultation and counseling, setting up a career match for the long term. Jennifer joined the executive search firm in August 2023.

In her last job, Jennifer sold hardware and software maintenance. She finds her day-to-day at Lee Group Search more gratifying. Jennifer invests in building relationships and developing trust, essential pieces when partnering with employers who are making decisions per her judgment that affect both morale and the bottom line.

Her recruitment efforts support key executive level roles, including sales, human resources, project management, and marketing ensuring organizations have a well-rounded talent strategy to stay competitive in the market.

“What I love about Lee Group Search is I don’t have to take a client that I don’t feel like I would work for,” she says. “A ton of recruiters care about quota. If I’m not going to work for you, I’m not going to find someone else to work for you, either!”

Jennifer’s free time revolves around her husband, Joseph, who is retired Navy, and their children. They don’t miss an opportunity to be outdoors — the beach, Parks, Busch Gardens, and bike rides. Jennifer is  also an avid crafter and enjoys personalizing whatever she makes. The kids are excellent helpers, particularly when she’s cooking or baking. They love to cook and bake from scratch, trying new recipes.

She and Joe also collect bourbon, a hobby that dates back to her brother coming home from Afghanistan deployment for her 21st birthday. They commemorated the occasion with a shot of bourbon. Today she seeks out Old Fashioned cocktail recipes and her 2 wiener dogs, Woodford and Hudson, named from a bourbon brand. The family also has two other dogs, an Akita named Sake; and a Shih-Poo foster, Kobe.

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