Attracting the top talent to your company doesn’t have to be hard. Nor is there a secret sauce to retaining your very best employees.

But pausing to do an internal gut check isn’t always on the radar of leadership. Ask yourself, are you doing things the right way in how you treat your best ambassadors, your employees? Examine your processes. Are you still asking candidates fill out exhausting online job applications? What is your culture really like? What needs to change?

Have you “checked in” with your employees?

Workplace culture is an evolving organism.

That means leadership must prioritize the “check-in” process — taking the pulse of everyone in the organization. Consider that in pre-pandemic 2019, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) published a study revealing that toxic workplace cultures cost U.S. employers $223 billion over the previous five years. Translated: Production suffers when people hate their co-workers, don’t respect management and don’t feel like they are a vital part of the organization.

Eric Kean of Lee Group Search said smart employers understand the relatively new shift in power that gives elite employees and candidates more leverage today. The companies that attract and retain top talent recognize today’s increased focus on mental health and increased flexibility on how the job is done.

Partnering with a recruiting firm is also important. As a third party, a recruiting firm evaluates your processes and make recommendations on improving ones that are antiquated. They can have those authentic conversations with candidates and current employees that can be enlightening and lead to the type of meaningful change that impact hiring and retention.

Lee Group Search, an elite executive search firm working from coast to coast with a diverse array of businesses, takes that approach with their clients and embraces that ideal in their mission. The mission, Kean added, “should be more than words on your website.” Live your mission. Be true to your brand. In essence, treat people well and good things will happen. You’ll retain your best employees and grow your company with new hires who are both motivated and excited about doing their best for you.

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