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Your customers are valuable. So are your employees, the team you’ve assembled to deliver what’s important to retain and grow your customer base.

Many employers focus the bulk of their attention on satisfying customers and trying to get more. The staff and search process certainly aren’t afterthoughts, but they’re also not front and center.

That’s why working with an executive recruiting firm doesn’t just make sense; it makes for good business. If your business is making widgets, theirs is finding the right candidates to fill the vacancies that prevent your operations from running as seamlessly as possible.

The hiring process isn’t part of a recruiting firm’s business. It is their business. A top recruiting firm will streamline hiring and provide an outside, professional, second set of eyes that can evaluate processes and make recommendations backed up by data.

They can tell you if obstacles in your hiring process deter top candidates from even applying to your company. Some processes even prevent candidates from accepting an otherwise attractive offer. Even the most attune employers struggle to identify those barriers because they are looking at them from the inside out rather than a recruiting firm identifying them from the outside in.

A good recruiting firm isn’t going to cater to what employers want or think they want. The best firms show you what you need.

Eric Kean of Lee Group Search, an executive search and staffing firm that has built a national reputation on expertise, discipline and professionalism, offers this.

“A good recruiting firm is going to tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it,” he said. The emphasis isn’t on a right or wrong way to do things — it’s on the most effective way to ensure the hiring processes aligns with company goals.

Employers hesitant to work with a recruiting firm in the past might continue to pass on the idea in light of the tools available in today’s digital age and the fact that it’s a candidate’s market. Don’t make that mistake, Kean said, adding, “Recruiting firms have never been more valuable.”

It’s a noisy era right now. Finding the precise candidate to fill a position is actually harder than it’s ever been given the availability of so many options. As an employer, you don’t want to waste energy and resources on hiring only to see the employee quickly leave for another position. A botched hire can impact your business, profits and reputation. Recruiters find the precise fit.

Companies spend a lot of time working on what’s become an increasingly important term, brand. Top recruiters are ambassadors for that brand. They amplify that brand. They partner with their clients for continued success as hiring is an evolving process in a landscape that’s constantly changing, too. Recruiting firms know the trends because again, hiring is their only business.

You want the best people on your team. Smart employers understand that includes the best recruiting firm, too.

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