You’ve heard the word and maybe used it. Headhunter. That’s the informal term for what we do at Lee Group Search, an executive search and recruiting firm that works nationwide with employers and candidates.

While we don’t literally hunt heads, we are recruiting professionals whose expertise is in placing the right professionals in the right seats so both company and candidate thrive.

Headhunters are third-party matchmakers, but they don’t reject candidates by swiping through their profiles. Headhunters are experts in the hiring process. They take the time to learn about a company through an in-depth dive that doesn’t come from reading the “About Us” section on a website. They work directly with hiring managers and a company’s leadership to learn all about their needs, culture, processes and goals. They get to know a candidate well beyond a quick read of a resume or browse of a Linked In profile.

“The hiring process takes time and that’s what most businesses don’t have,” said Eric Kean, The Lee Group’s Principal who leads Lee Group Search. “This is our only business.”

The right match on paper might not be the best match. That’s where headhunter experience and expertise play a role.

We’ve built relationships with hiring managers and candidates that take the headache out of what can often be a stressful process for both.

Even though it’s a candidate’s market right now, it’s still smart for an employer to partner with a headhunter. In fact, recruiting firms are more valuable than ever because the best ones cut through the noise and go beyond a stack of resumes to deliver their service — a qualified candidate who fits with a company’s culture and goals.

Top headhunters foster collaborative relationships that pave the way for the ideal candidate to be in the chair in front of the company’s decision maker. They know how to strategically introduce themselves to candidates who might not be currently looking for a job but ready for a change should the right opportunity present itself.

At Lee Group search, we align talent to grow your business. That in turn changes lives – the life of the candidate put in a position to professionally excel and the life of the employer, who by filling a critical opening has solved a business problem.

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