The best companies didn’t rise to the top by accident.

They share a growth mindset that starts with attracting talented candidates whether an opening exists for them or not.

Wes Ashworth, Vice President of Executive Search at Lee Group Search, talks about similar practices among companies that thrive no matter the circumstances.

Always on the hunt

Companies that take a proactive approach to hiring embrace what’s called continuous recruitment.

“The worst time to look for someone is when you desperately need to fill the position,” Ashworth said. “That’s a time when you’re under pressure. You’re willing to compromise more.”

Continuous recruitment is not just a matter of having a stack of resumes available to sort through when a vacancy occurs. Instead, the companies that recruit all the time nurture relationships with candidates they want to bring on board.

“Great companies with strong talent are open to creating a position for the person who has the right skills to push the organization forward,” Ashworth said.

Continuous recruitment allows business decisions to be made quickly rather than have openings linger and impact efficiency and ultimately, morale.

Be smart about it

Leaders at top companies know they don’t know everything. Rather than feeling threatened by a savvy supporting cast, they embrace surrounding themselves with smart hires who are strong in areas they aren’t.

“Hire people who are smarter and more talented than you,” Ashworth said.

Then allow them to excel at what they do. When you employ competent professionals with integrity, micromanaging isn’t necessary. The best companies know their job isn’t to tell people what to do. It’s to give employees the tools they need to set themselves, and the company that employs them, up for success.

Brand matters

A candidate preparing for an interview will research a company beyond a cursory look at its website. The best companies want their story out there in multiple forms. They share authentic videos on their website and social channels that detail why the company is an attractive place to work. The leaders don’t do all the talking. It’s important to have employees reflect on what they like about their jobs.

“They can share an inside view of what’s attractive about coming to work there,” Ashworth said.

Successful businesses are cognizant of their brand and continuously updating their website and social channels to reflect changes in the company and their industry.

Many of the best companies engage in thought leadership, embracing the idea that they are part of something larger. The top companies are stakeholders in their respective industries, and they aren’t afraid to use their voices and be social influencers. They enjoy being identified as trustworthy resources, which lends even more credibility to their brand.

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