It’s been a triumphant year for Wes Ashworth, Vice President of Executive Search at Lee Group Search, which specializes in partnering with companies nationwide to find the talent they need to grow and scale their business operations.

But it didn’t start that way and Ashworth shared details of his personal story and recruiting tips on Mark Whitby’s podcast “The Resilient Recruiter,” which interviews recruitment industry leaders on the secrets to their success.

In fact, he gets vulnerable, honest and breaks down how to break out of a slump, sharing some of his story, advice and accomplishments.

Revisiting his business model, Ashworth transitioned from 100% contingent to 100% engaged/retained clients, a step that revitalized him professionally.

He is on pace for a record year at Lee Group Search, noting, “the clients are happy, and I’m energized for a career I love.” Learn more by listening to the full podcast episode of “How to Break Out of a Slump and Bill an Amazing $420k in 5 Months, with Wes Ashworth.”

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